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Konohana Co., Ltd.
  • BusinessSales of paper bags
3-3-27, Tashiden, Daito city, Osaka, Japan
  • TEL:072-800-7467
  • FAX:072-800-7466
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Konohana Paper Industries Co., Ltd.
Logistics Center
3-2-45, Tashiden, Daito city, Osaka, Japan
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Konohana Management Co., Ltd.
  • BusinessAccount and General Affairs of group companies
#305 Dojima Eiwa Building 2-2-22 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
  • TEL:06-6347-5777
  • FAX:06-6131-5151
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Daiwa Printing Co., Ltd.
  • BusinessOffset Printing
3-5-10, Kusune, Higashi-Osaka city, Osaka, Japan
  • TEL:06-6744-8617
  • FAX:06-6746-1738
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JPACK Co., Ltd.
  • BusinessProduction and sales of envelopes
2-6-25,Kobayashihigashi,aisho-ku Osaka city, Osaka, Japan
  • TEL:06-6555-2115
  • FAX:06-4394-5223
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Overseas base


24 Raffles Place #21-02A Clifford Centre Singapore 048621
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Lot Ⅲ4-5,10th Street
Tan Binh Industrial Park
Tay Thank Ward
Tan Phu District, HCMC
  • TEL:+84-28-3815-3335
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Konohana Group History

  1. July, 1960
    Kunio Oshima established Konohana Docket Works, which is the former name of the company,
    in Konohana District, Osaka city.
  2. Oct, 1962
    Relocated to Daito city, Osaka.
  3. July, 1967
    Change the name to Konohana Paper Industry Co., Ltd.
  4. Feb, 1969
    Purchased the Sheet-fed flat bottom box pouch manufacturing machine 1,
    and began production in Osaka. The first customer for paper bags was Shufu-no-mise (Currently: Daiei)
  5. May, 1972
    Established Daiwa Printing Co., Ltd., and started the plating and printing business.
  6. Mar, 1977
    Purchased the envelope manufacturing machine 1 and began production.
  7. Sep, 1987
    Separated the sales department and established Konohana Co., Ltd.
  8. Nov, 1992
    Established Shinei Printing Co., Ltd.
  9. Mar, 1997
    Installed an automatic cardboard insert machine.
  10. Apr, 1997
    Established three-story new factory.
  11. June, 1997
    Established Account and General Affairs Department,Konohana Management Co., Ltd.
  12. July, 2000
    Held the 40th anniversary reception at the Imperial Hotel Osaka.
  13. Jan, 2001
    Installed a new automatic cardboard insert machine.
  14. Jan, 2004
    Adopted a computer operated paper bag manufacturing machine.
  15. July, 2004
    Kunio Oshima, President, was appointed as Chairperson.
    Nobuo Oshima was appointed as President.
  16. Oct, 2004
    Established Hoei co., Ltd.
  17. Apr, 2005
    Conducted the organizational reform and adopted the new recruitment system and occupational ability based salary system.
    Applied TQC act.
  18. Sep, 2006
    Adopted Meister System for technical succession.
    Established Konohana Paper Industry Co., Ltd. Logistics Center.
  19. May, 2008
    Konohana Co., Ltd. was relocated.
  20. May, 2010
    Held the 50th anniversary reception at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Osaka.
  21. Feb, 2011
    Integrated Shinei Printing Co., Ltd. and Daiwa Printing Co., Ltd.
  22. Jan, 2012
    Established "Konohana Global Packaging Pte.Ltd" in Singapore.
  23. Oct, 2012
    Established the local corporation in Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam"Konohana Co.,Ltd". and began full operation.
  24. Jan, 2014
    Established Ho Chi Minh Office.


You can order custom-made paper bags.
Please feel free to contact us from design,
budget to the delivery date.
Our specialist who is in rich experience will
suggest the most appropriate service.

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